Until The Streetlight Turns On

When the front door opened, it’s like walking out of the doctor’s office, or peeling the sticky paper wrapper off of a lollipop. The feeling of released happiness always hung in the air whenever he opened the front door and said “Go outside to play”. And as she dashed out the door, her dad would […]

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The Star Chronicles Section III

| Fallen Stars | A taffy-colored skirt swished as slender fingers rushed to whisk the steaming pot off the stove and onto the rugged table. Tarnished spoons clattered next to carved wooden bowls as she ladled out the thick stew. The door blew open and gently measured steps walked in, accompanied by a brisk gust […]

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It’s Just A Radio

I’m just a kid. Adults don’t care much about what I think. But I do think. And I listen. I go up the tiny stairs to the attic and wipe the strands of cobwebs off the broken radio that my parents had dumped. And I grab the big knob in both hands and turn it […]

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Heroes – Words That Shatter

  “Ow!” The exclamations were simultaneous as Nessie and Amaris were slammed into each other in the front bench of the van that Portus drove so recklessly. Amaris gripped her seatbelt in an effort to slide back into her respective seat before Portus veered around another curve in the road. A squeal emitted from the […]

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Heroes – Part Four

HOLY COW GUYS THIS IS LONG!!! 10 PAGES!!! It was really fun to write and I can’t wait to hear what you guys think! Reply in the comments and tell me if you are going to make your own s… Source: HEROES PT 4!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Heroes – Part One

“An enemy is coming and the world needs you. Will you accept your destiny?”   Alissa has had an incredibly normal life, but everything is about to change. A simple writing class she just compl… Source: A11- Heroes

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The Beginning Of Quinn

Running his fingers down the handle of the payphone, he hesitated for the slightest moment before the number was dialed. Waiting apprehensively for the persistent ringing to be replaced by the voice he knew so well, sweat began to bead on his forehead even though a cool fall rain fell outside. “Quinn.” The voice answered […]

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War Cry

I have a war cry and it is burning deep inside
Shall I release it, or at least live knowing that I tried?
I sit…

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Heroes – The Burning Pen

“I fall asleep in hospital parking lots [1]” Amaris made a wacky face at herself in the mirror as she scooped her hair into a ponytail. “You should probably be more careful about where you fall asleep.” Her digital clock advised. Amaris’ giant teddy bear stirred on the rumpled bed. “I second the motion.” He grumbled. “Oh, […]

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Destroying Castles

“Ooh, isn’t he dreamy?” Madison squealed, twirling her long blond hair around her index finger. “Well, to tell the truth, I don’t know how you find him so attractive.” Brenda said dryly, scrutinizing the photo of her best friend’s crush from church. “Brown hair, brown eyes, he looks pretty normal to me.” Madison snorted and […]

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We Have This Hope…

A seagull shrieked and soared in the air above the London docks. In the docks a privateer’s ship bustled with activity as sailors shouted orders and hauled crates up the gangplank. A steady stream of merchants and businessmen flowed in and out of the streets near the docks, but all shunned the dark alleys in […]

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