Excerpts of Thought


Her eyes were big and blue; her curly black pigtails waved about as she turned this way and that in the shopping cart, trying to see everything. She giggled happily and waved her chubby hand at a random passerby. Then her gaze caught a magazine rack and her blue eyes darkened. She studied the lady with her hair flowing freely and her arms stretched behind her head in a seemingly relaxed position, giving the innocent observer a full view of the low-cut and sheer summer dress. Her curves were perfect; the dress flowing just right. Her skin was luminous and flawless and her eyes glimmered seductively. The little girl in pigtails stared at the magazine for a while, then concern and confusion blotted out the happiness on her face. She tugged at her own blueberry colored dress and frowned at her chest and chubby arms. She looked up at the magazine again then down at her chubby figure. Her eyes pooled with tears and she tugged on her mother’s arm, whimpering. Her mother shook off the imploring little hand without breaking her gaze on the new line of makeup. The little girl looked back at the magazine and the pretty lady and her lower lip began to tremble and a huge tear slipped out of her eye.

Time advances ten years to the same young girl in the same store as she stares at a magazine with a similar picture on the cover. She is now fifteen and emotions surge up in her heart as she compares her face to the Photoshopped masterpiece. Her eyes, blinded to her own worth, fill with anguished tears. Worthless! Ugly! Her thoughts scream. Why would anybody want me? The delusion of what this world calls beauty pounds pain into her and she turns away.

If we only we knew how He regards us as His precious creation.


7 thoughts on “Delusion”

        1. Ah, well I wrote this a while back so I just pulled it out of one of my essays. I almost cried when I first wrote it, I felt so bad for all the females that try to compete with a computer generated image. 😛


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