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Our Treacherous Heartbeats

Wind teased Clint’s hair as he stepped down from his vehicle. The electricity licked at his feet, then subsided as he turned the hovercraft off and it sunk gently to the ground. “The charge is half full.” Clint mused as he smoothed down his dark hair with his hands.

“Clint, my man!” A voice called and footsteps approached.

“Steve! What’s up?” Clint spun around and ducked as the large guy tried to smack his shoulder. “Don’t even try to mess up my throwing arm.” Clint warned playfully as he shoved Steve away.

Steve flipped the electric Frisbee in his hand up in the air. “It’s a new model. The sensors are updated and more durable.”

“Sweet!” Clint caught the revolving Frisbee and inspected it. “It won’t get confused between who’s catching it now?”

“Nope.” Steve said proudly and reclaimed his Frisbee. “Did you get that Pulse Tracker?”

“Yeah. See?” Clint held up his hand and Steve squinted at the thin black band around Clint’s wrist.

“Nice.” Steve compared his blue bracelet to Clint’s. “I’m hoping that it will stop us from playing too much this time. Apparently, if you get overheated or your heartrate accelerates too quickly, the alarm will go off.”

“Yeah, I went jogging this morning and it made me drink more water before I got thirsty.” Clint laughed.

“Well, somebody’s got to take care of you.” Steve remarked. “Hey Sarah, over here!” He waved his hand at an approaching group of teens.

“Hey Sarah, Kat, Ben.” High-fives were given all around. Clint smacked Ben on the shoulder, then caught the gaze from a new pair of eyes. He approached her and held out his hand with a smile. “Hey, my name is…”


The sound cut off his sentence. Clint stared at his Pulse Tracker in consternation.

“My name’s Trish. Steve’s told me about you, Clint.” The blue eyes sparkled with mirth as Trish grinned and withdrew her hand.

“Nice to meet you.” Clint murmured, his mind still occupied on his Pulse Tracker.

“Trish, you’re on my team. Clint, you’re team captain on the other side of the field.” Steve’s voice separated the slightly awkward silence, and Trish walked onto the field.

“Steve, I think my Tracker just had a glitch.” Clint finally looked up.

“Or maybe you’re just not used to talking to attractive women.” Steve snickered.

Clint felt his face heat up and mentally blamed the sun. “I… uh… well, she is attractive. What do you think?” Switching the subject is the best option right now. Clint decided.

Steve rolled his eyes. “Don’t even start. Certainly you know that she’s my cousin.” Steve walked off after Trish.

Clint bit his lip, then jogged onto the field just as the Frisbee soared over the green turf. He calculated the position of his waiting team and pinpointed the landing spot. The well-organized team darted off to their respective target catchers as Ben caught the soaring Frisbee. Clint joined his team and the game started. Concentrate. Make the stupid alarm go off for a reason.


“Time out!” Steve called. Clint swiped sweat off of his eyebrows as the teams trudged off the field for a water break. Steve and Clint both turned off the noises coming from their Pulse Trackers.

“Is there a way to turn it off permanently?” Clint grumbled as he avoided looking at Trish.

“Nope. Sorry, buddy. Either you take it off and possibly get sunstroke again or leave it on and learn how to socialize with girls.” Steve replied with a derisive grin.

The condensation on Clint’s water bottle coalesced with the sweat on his hands as he gripped it. He watched Steve warily as he took a swig of the oxygen-infused liquid. A chorus of laughter rose from the circle of teens as Steve poured water down Ben’s back.

“Selfie!” Kat said and held up her arm. Everybody crowded around and Steve grabbed Clint’s arm and pulled him into the circle, and stuck him right next to Trish. Kat opened her hand and her iPhone flickered into visibility on her outstretched arm. Trish and Steve put their arms around Clint’s shoulders and Clint desperately concentrated on the camera. Kat smiled at the iPhone and closed her fist. The shutter clicked. Kat flicked her wrist and the image disappeared again.

Bleep bleep bleep.

Clint pulled away from Trish hastily.

“Not cooled off yet, Clint? Here, I’ll help you.” Cold water cascaded down Clint’s head.

Trish giggled. “Oh, speaking of cooling off, I got this new bracelet called a Pulse Tracker, and I wanted to try it out today.”

Clint’s eyes widened as Trish pulled a bracelet that was identical to his out of her backpack. “Could you help me put it on, Clint? I always have trouble with the clasp.”

Clint didn’t dare look at Steve as he took the Tracker from Trish’s hand and bent over to slip it onto her wrist. A loose tendril of Trish’s blonde hair slipped over her shoulder and tickled Clint’s ear. Clint quickly fastened the bracelet and stood up, away from her.

“Oh cool, you have one too!” Trish commented as his fingers pulled away and her Tracker turned on.

“Back on the field!” Steve hollered as he trotted back on the field. Clint walked towards the field, his team following.

Pass, catch, block. Score. Clint’s breath starts coming fast as the Frisbee ascends again and he tracks it across the field.

He sprinted ahead of his team, then stopped his momentum suddenly as a form darted in front of him and reached to grab the Frisbee. Trish. Clint watched, still frozen, as Trish’s fingers closed on the Frisbee, then stumbled right in front of him. The Frisbee dropped as Clint instinctively reached out and grabbed her to keep her from falling.

“Oh thank you!” Trish gasped as he helped her stand up.

Clint didn’t let go of her shoulder. “Are you okay?”

“Yes.” Trish smiled at him and the Frisbee laid on the ground, forgotten.

Blip blip blip.

Trish glanced confusedly at her Tracker. “That’s weird. I’m not even short of breath.”

Clint smiled.

Bleep bleep bleep.

Blip blip.

Bleep blip.


Photo credit: Full HD Pictures


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