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Heroes – The Burning Pen

“I fall asleep in hospital parking lots [1]” Amaris made a wacky face at herself in the mirror as she scooped her hair into a ponytail.

“You should probably be more careful about where you fall asleep.” Her digital clock advised.

Amaris’ giant teddy bear stirred on the rumpled bed. “I second the motion.” He grumbled.

“Oh, like you’re one to talk, Riley.” Amaris countered while tying on her Converse shoes.

“Yeah, you sleep on the floor sometimes!” The lamp taunted.

“Only because Amaris kicks him off the bed!”  The clock responded. They all glared at Amaris.

She shrugged. “Late night wrestling matches. What can I say?” She scooted out of the room as the bickering started again, and snickered while closing the door. “And people wonder why I call my room the Domain of Voices.”

-Later that afternoon-

“Come on!” Amaris slammed her pen down and chewed on her finger. “There has to be another word for enthusiastic.” She muttered.

“Maybe excited?” Her lava lamp offered.

“Too trite.” Amaris’ other clock responded.

“I suppose you have a better suggestion.” Burble of Lava sniffed.

“Indeed.” The clock, whose name was Reichenbach, replied gravely. “Enthused.”

“Oh, that’s a good one.” Amaris picked up her pen again and bent over her notebook. She wrote for a couple minutes uninterrupted, until the front door creaked open. Amaris looked up confusedly, and in the reflection of Reichenbach’s face she saw a dark figure approaching her with one hand raised menacingly.

Burble let out a squeal of alarm as Amaris wheeled around and warded off the oncoming blow. Something shattered into her open hand and the intruder fled, leaving the door swinging open behind it. As Amaris kicked the door closed…

“You’re bleeding.” Reichenbach commented placidly.

Amaris winced as she pulled slender shards of glass out of her bloody palm.

“A lightbulb?” Burble squeaked in surprise.

“Where is your pen?” The question from Reichenbach seemed trivial.

“It was in my hand when I turned around, then the lightbulb smashed on my hand. I must have dropped it.” Amaris stooped to pick up the pen amid the littered glass.

“Amaris, are you okay?” Burble asked, frightened by the expression on her face.

“The pen,” she gasped. “It’s burning me.”

“Then drop it!” Burble shrieked.

“I…. can’t.” Amaris tore her gaze off the pen in her bleeding hand, and she looked up just as she disappeared.

Burble screamed in alarm. “She’s gone! Reichenbach, where did she go?”

Reichenbach sighed. “On a great quest….” And his words trailed off.


[1] Owl City

This is a fan-fic piece based off of my friend Alissa’s short story series called Heroes. Read the series here and check out the blog dedicated to the series  here.

Photo credit: Image Zone


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      1. My favorite quote: “I still hate to be little Riley Raincloud, but we’re still gonna die down here.” And his friends (I’ve even forgotten they’re names) Just keep grinning. (I’ve only seen each movie once so… :P)

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