Attempts At Poetry, Excerpts of Thought

The Fetter of Ambition

Headphones dull reality

When I put them on I perform a casualty

I destroy this world, burn my cage

And run back to my mental universe to escape this age

With lyrics I dance

Denying the trance

So what if I close my eyes?

I’ll burn before I realize

That laughter is a mockery

Plastic smiles purse me

Youth is dissipated

Pride and cruelty related

Light is pushed out

By dark fingers of doubt

I can’t stand this greedy fire

Not much more or I shall expire

I’ll leave the headphones on

Drown myself in song

With lyrics I shall strangle

My thoughts before they untangle

I’ll shut my eyes

And ignore the cries

Too much I have heard the heartless lies

In music I will hide

For I had really tried

To change the world and make it better

But ambition became my fetter

Dragging me to the borders of sane

Knowing I can’t stop the pain

No more will I listen

To dreams that glisten

I’ll stop the pleading

And begin the leaving

No longer will I remain

In the boundaries of sane

I will stop seeing clearly

Fog my vision and make it dreary

I’ll leave behind

The burden of mankind

I could not revive the light

And all of me walks with darkness tonight.

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6 thoughts on “The Fetter of Ambition”

  1. Honestly, I thought about this. But the key to dealing with failure is admitting that we can’t change the world/spread our beliefs in our own strength. This was the penning of my defeat for a night, but not for my life. This was a battle, but not the war.


  2. Hey, great to see you up and running!

    As a concerned friend, I was wondering, what message exactly is this poem suppose to hold? I will be frank and say it sounds like ‘I’ has opinions, and beliefs that ‘I’ tried to tell people, which I believe is good. If someone is trying to promote their beliefs in that way, naturally they should know their beliefs, and it is easier to correct or strengthen a belief if you know what it is.

    But then, I gathered that ‘I’ stopped. ‘I’ met with controversy and ‘gave up’. Please correct me if I’m wrong, but if I’m not, think about this message seriously. God says we will ‘meet with trials and tribulations’ so we don’t get the easy way.

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