Horror, Short Stories

The Beginning Of Quinn

Running his fingers down the handle of the payphone, he hesitated for the slightest moment before the number was dialed. Waiting apprehensively for the persistent ringing to be replaced by the voice he knew so well, sweat began to bead on his forehead even though a cool fall rain fell outside.

“Quinn.” The voice answered abruptly, and it was laced with frustration.

“Sir.” Quinn lurched upright at the sound of his father’s voice. “I’m sorry about the mission, sir…”

“You knew that failure wasn’t an option.” The voice snapped.

Quinn clutched the phone nervously and his well-rehearsed words sounded weak. “I know sir, but I wasn’t calling about the mission.”

A dread-filled pause ensued, and Quinn plunged forward. “What I needed to say is that I’m leaving Chicago.”

Silence screamed in Quinn’s ear and he winced at the calm of his father’s anger. Finally he spoke.

“Quinn.” His father’s words were measured and precise. “There is no leaving Chicago for you.”

“You can see it that way, sir, but to be honest…” Quinn swallowed and staring at the inky tattoo staining his wrist; let his words explode. “I’m sick of Chicago. I’m sick of the blood that I spill and that you get drunk on. I’m sick of the lying and treachery, and most of all I’m sick of you!”

Quinn bit his lip hard to keep more words from tumbling out. He was stunned that it was done, and he couldn’t go back. His breath fogged up the glass around him, and with the steady rhythm of falling rain, relief flooded his senses.

“Quinn…” the voice was surprisingly heavy, and to Quinn’s horror he detected a hint of sorrow in it. “You’ve never been my son.”

Quinn’s mind reeled from the words, and he strained to grasp what had been said. “Then… what happened to my real father?”

“You killed him yourself, Quinn.”

The line went dead.

Emotions surged within Quinn, but horror and shame were the ones that were tearing his heart apart. Sudden revilement filled him at the sight of the tattoo on his wrist, the symbol that claimed all of his horrific deeds. His heart pounded desperately and his vision blurred.

A strangled cry rose from the phone booth as blood and rain together spattered the pavement.



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11 thoughts on “The Beginning Of Quinn”

  1. This is only the intro to the book! Lay off the pressure, Mac Man! I’m not gonna gush about his appearance til the first or second chapter. And yeah, later on I reveal a shattered phone booth in the news. 😉

    Thanks for the tip. I’ll remember that.


    1. *hides under a couch cushion* *squeels* Okayee okayee, I’ll wait!
      *normalvoicethatyouhaven’theardsincelastsummer* I had no idea it was an intro. I definitely would have slacked off if I’da knowed that… 😛

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Rain and blood? What did he do, head-butt the payphone? yeesh…
    Also, if you could describe Quinn the tiniest bit more? I first pictured him as a skinny 17year old. Then I read the tattoo bit and I am so lost. He’s part wimpy teenager sick of his not-dad and part repentant twenty-thirty year old villain.

    Also, *whispers* itsss ssoundsss sso violent right now… *normal voice* I can see it un-violenting itself, but hurry up so I don’t smack my forehead and think “AAMMAARRIISS”.

    And tip: get ahead of your deadline that you should make and use the scheduled posts. They are so useful.

    Long comment. I need to address this.

    Liked by 2 people

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