Attempts At Poetry, Excerpts of Thought, Horror, Idle Hands and Ceiling Fans, Music

b l u r r y f a c e


darkly glowing energy

hate and screams in synergy

fire inside is killing me

destroying is what i’m made for, can’t you see?


i consist of black lustful corruption

wild thoughts and cerebral combustion

all i am is a creature of corrosion

you can’t stop this monster of emotion


words are weapons of mass confusion

they’re just drunk and dancing in delusion

they used to not fight for love of this illusion

but a heart is nothing but a poisonous infusion


darkness is an art, call this my expression

forget about me and then choke on my deception

your blurry eyes became my conception

touching your face i share the infection

you might scream but pain is beautiful perfection

and your lost soul will be added to my collection

once you hear me you might make the connection

but still all you see is just a reflection

after all….


i’m only a perception.




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