Excerpts of Thought

h i . . .

Hello Internet. If you're new here, this'd be a great post to start off reading. Cause... it's kind of an intro thing, so yeah it's pretty cool. Plus my face is all over this post and that's awesome too.   Hi. My name is Amaris. This is me. I'm smiling cause apparently there's this thing… Continue reading h i . . .

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b l u r r y f a c e

  darkly glowing energy hate and screams in synergy fire inside is killing me destroying is what i’m made for, can’t you see?   i consist of black lustful corruption wild thoughts and cerebral combustion all i am is a creature of corrosion you can’t stop this monster of emotion   words are weapons of… Continue reading b l u r r y f a c e

Excerpts of Thought


Her eyes were big and blue; her curly black pigtails waved about as she turned this way and that in the shopping cart, trying to see everything. She giggled happily and waved her chubby hand at a random passerby. Then her gaze caught a magazine rack and her blue eyes darkened. She studied the lady… Continue reading Delusion