Until The Streetlight Turns On

When the front door opened, it’s like walking out of the doctor’s office, or peeling the sticky paper wrapper off of a lollipop. The feeling of released happiness always hung in the air whenever he opened the front door and said “Go outside to play”. And as she dashed out the door, her dad would […]

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Heroes – Words That Shatter

  “Ow!” The exclamations were simultaneous as Nessie and Amaris were slammed into each other in the front bench of the van that Portus drove so recklessly. Amaris gripped her seatbelt in an effort to slide back into her respective seat before Portus veered around another curve in the road. A squeal emitted from the […]

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Destroying Castles

“Ooh, isn’t he dreamy?” Madison squealed, twirling her long blond hair around her index finger. “Well, to tell the truth, I don’t know how you find him so attractive.” Brenda said dryly, scrutinizing the photo of her best friend’s crush from church. “Brown hair, brown eyes, he looks pretty normal to me.” Madison snorted and […]

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Our Treacherous Heartbeats

Wind teased Clint’s hair as he stepped down from his vehicle. The electricity licked at his feet, then subsided as he turned the hovercraft off and it sunk gently to the ground. “The charge is half full.” Clint mused as he smoothed down his dark hair with his hands. “Clint, my man!” A voice called […]

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Hello From The Other Side

“Yeah I’m falling from cloud nine…” Cass shivered as the strong notes slowly fell to a sweet pitch, and then quavered out. It was entirely not fair that Delta had gotten all the singing genes and Cass had been left with a mediocre alto. Cass was always silently stewing about the unjust prank heredity had […]

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